President & King Mufasa of Pride Lands, Africa, has recently died after being in contact with the coronavirus.

The entire family are divested and have shared their exclusive story with us:

A source who will remain unnamed said: “Mufasa’s brother is 100% at fault here!

“He had initially suggested that the family go visit the local hospital to be tested, however, Mufasa and his son were pushed into a large group of patients infected with the virus who were on their way to the food court”

It’s believed the stampede of coronavirus patients heading towards the food court was the initial cause of death of Mufassa, however, it was later confirmed Mufasa survived the stampede and actually contracted the virus.

It is also thought that the brother who is currently on the run also has the virus.

Mufasa’s newborn son and heir to the throne survived the ordeal however, has recently fled the kingdom after the shocking news.

He has explained he will avenge his father’s death and released a statement saying ‘I just Can’t wait to be king’

Our source told us ‘He has since developed a rash throughout his body resembling stripes and has said he is overwhelmed with worries’

‘He is also anxious to go out in public after a stranger recently approached him whilst  repeatedly shouting ‘DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR WORRIES OR YOUR STRIPES!!’ however, it has emerged that the stranger was holousinting and was talking to the wrong person.

Police & Health officials have urged everyone to stay vigilant of the brother who caused the outrage and is still on the loose. His main features include a scar over his left eye, illuminous green eyes and Hairy.

More as we have it.

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