Have you ever wondered why do kids love to draw so much? Well, the most probable answer is, that since little kids do not have their speech skills developed so well, the drawings take a form of expressing themselves. It also has to do with learning about the surrounding world through shapes and colors. Or maybe children just really like to have their cool pictures put up on the fridge. Now, as with every skill, practice makes perfect, and the first creations often aren’t the most realistic drawings at all.

Dom is six and he, as most of the kids, likes to draw. He even has his own Instagram account where he puts all his favorite drawing ideas turned into little masterpieces. But that’s not the end of the story, because once he’s finished with his art, his dad then recreates their real-world counterparts with a dose of digital magic and a little bit of humor.

From lions, lemurs and zebras to boats, bikes and bizarre dinosaur robots, Dom and his dad have created an adorable alternate universe of photoshopped pictures filled with the types of things we couldn’t even dream of. Most of the kids’ drawings turn out to be adorable, while others, well, depicts some pretty creepy creatures.

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